welcum x3 this page is where i'll be frequently updating my current favorite groovy tunes and constantly adding my new discoveries,
i listen to a variety of different genres so expect it to look kinda messy and random.
here's an official list of some of my all-time fave bands and artists!

Alice in Chains, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Prodigy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Chemical Brothers, Radiohead, The Cure, Deftones,
Orbital, Soundgarden, The Doors, KMFDM, Jimi Hendrix, Hole, Nine Inch Nails, Led Zeppelin, Boards of Canada,
Stone Temple Pilots, Echo and the Bunnymen, Misfits, Fleetwood Mac, Oasis,Rammstein, Bauhaus, Garbage, Gravity Kills,
Lana Del Rey, Mother Love Bone, Slowdive, Mudvayne, 2Pac, Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, Mayhem,
L7, Nirvana, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Rolling Stones, Sonic Youth, Notorious B.I.G, The Clash, Pink Floyd, The Electric Hellfire Club,
Skeletal Family, Pearl Jam,Lights Of Euphoria, The Smiths, DJ Spooky, The Beatles, Christian Death, Black Sabbath, Joy Division,
Die Krupps, Ramones, Orgy, Mad Season, The Offspring, My Bloody Valentine

thats just to name a few, theres a LOTTTTTTTTT more hehe


true love waits

i’m not living
i’m just killing time

frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle

i miss the comfort in being sad
i miss the comfort in being sad
i miss the comfort in being sad

hidden power


souvlaki space station

wonder why i'm here now

stand inside your love

but for the last time
you’re everything
that i want and asked for
you’re all that i dream


i was moving through the silence without motion
waiting for you
in a room with a window in the corner
i found truth


i take a walk outside, i'm surrounded by some kids at play
i can feel their laughter, so why do i sear

setting sun

you're the devil in me
i brought in from the cold
you said your body was young
but your mind was very old
you're coming on strong and i like the way
the visions we had have faded away
you're part of a life i've never had
i'll tell you that it's just too bad


touch me, hate me
give yourself to me and break me


peel me from the skin
tear me from the rind
does it make you happy now?

wise up sucker

i watch my world through a glass,
i'm just a crazy tired shape from your past

claustrophobic string

my mind is glowing

#1 crush

i will cry for you
i will cry for you
i will wash away your pain with all my tears
and drown your fear

i will pray for you
i will pray for you
i will sell my soul for something pure and true
someone like you

venus in furs

i am tired, i am weary
i could sleep for a thousand years
a thousand dreams that would awake me
different colors made of tears

all that could have been

if only I could see
in my nothing
you meant everything
everything to me


repeating in my head
if i can't be my own
i'd feel better dead

boot camp

there must be something else
there must be something good far away
far away from here


universe surrounds
when you're ready
it waits for us to leave this earth

sign of the crab

but there's no torch there for remorse
we ain't that much different

dying days

it's too late
this life isn't mine
lord hear me pray
can you ease my mind
now that they're gone forever

the beach at redpoint



what'll you do when you get lonely
and nobody's waiting by your side

all alone

ahhhahhh, ahhhahhh
we're all alone

ahhhahhh, ahhhahhh
we're all alone
we're all alone

cherry-coloured funk

you'll hang the hearts black and dull as the night

free bird

if I leave here tomorrow
would you still remember me?

blasphemous rumours

girl of sixteen, whole life ahead of her
slashed her wrists, bored with life

a thousand hours

for how much longer can i howl into this wind?
for how much longer can i cry like this?

a thousand wasted hours a day
just to feel my heart for a second
a thousand hours just thrown away
just to feel my heart for a second

it's been a long long time

kiss me once, then kiss me twice
then kiss me once again
it's been a long, long time


dance with me the gallowdance
as long as we, as long as we’re not hanging
as long as we still can, my love
we both know the string is always ready


oh if i could pray and i try, dear,
you might come back home, home to me.

blue light

there's a world under it
i think i see it
sailing away
i think it's sailing
miles crashing me by
crashing me by
crashing me by

wide open space

i'm in a wide open space, i'm standing
i'm all alone and staring in to space
it's always quiet through my ceiling

good god

you came into my life
without a single thing
i gave into your ways
which left me with nothing

jugband blues

and i never knew the moon could be so big
and i never knew the moon could be so blue

dead memories

sitting in the dark, i can't forget
even now, i realize the time i'll never get
another story of the bitter pills of fate

gentle groove

and no one's gonna take the power away, from my love
and no one's gonna change the way i feel

strange days (1999)

you walked away
before we met
is time a gift
or punishment?

nobody's daughter

and i will dig my own grave, yeah

hear my train a comin'

tears burning me
tears burning me in my eyes
way down, way down in my soul
burning me way down in my heart

i need you

cause nothing really matters
we follow the line of the palms of our hands

a forest

i hear her voice
calling my name
the sound is deep
in the dark

something in the way

something in the way, mmm
something in the way, yeah, mmm